Mission Statement:

  • To ensure access to a well-maintained, safe water ski facility in Indianapolis
  • To develop, maintain, support, and administrate an Indianapolis Parks Department Ability Water Ski Training series
  • To promote a forum for the free exchange of knowledge and techniques to expand and to develop the sport of traditional water skiing
  • To organize community residents through volunteerism to host and conduct tournaments, clinics, and other ski related activities benefiting the sport and Indianapolis
  • To provide a friendly social environment for teaching and participating in amateur traditional water skiing without personal financial gain

Indy Skiers Board of Directors

  • David Clifford- President
  • Kevin Eder- Vice President
  • Brian Van Bokkelen- Program Director
  • Gavin Shipley- Membership Director
  • Ron Kappel- Treasurer
  • Andrew Molnar- Secretary
  • Daniel Reed- IWSA Representative

 Dan Reed at the State Ski Competition; Indy Skiers member and athlete with the RHI Sports Program

Dan Reed at the State Ski Competition; Indy Skiers member and athlete with the RHI Sports Program

Where we ski...

"Lake Indy" is located on the beautiful White River northeast of downtown Indianapolis. See map below for details. The club meeting area is at the following address:

Municipal Gardens Family Center

1831 Lafayette Road

Indianapolis, IN 46222



Indy Skiers History:

The official name of Indy Skiers is Indianapolis Water Ski, Inc. The organization started to take shape under John Kniesly’s wing in the fall of 2006. The foundation of the organization was built upon a relationship that John developed with the Indy Parks Department and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports program (RHI Sports). The Parks Department was interested in expanding their programs to include water skiing activities at one of the local bodies of water around Indianapolis.

 In addition, the Parks department saw an opportunity to partner with RHI Sports to provide a venue to promote not only able body skiing, but adaptive waterskiing. RHI Sports already had an established waterski program that allows individuals with disabilities to experience the excitement and thrill of water sports. RHI Sports agreed to provide the expensive adaptive equipment needed to make this possible at the parks department events.

Based on this, the idea began: a weekly ability water ski training series geared at teaching both able body and non able bodied people how to ski the slalom course. This sounded great but there were several big pieces missing, no lake, no slalom course and no one to organize the events.

The Indy Skiers were then formed to act as the backbone for the training series. The organization would be an open membership club, with low dues, and an all inclusive spirit. Mr. Kniesly proposed “Lake Indy” as the location for this new event because he knew that it had been used for the Pro Tour water ski events in the 1980’s. The Parks department agreed and issued the club a horse power restriction waiver and a DNR permit to allow water skiing activities to take place at this location. The club would be responsible for the purchase, installation and maintenance associated with the slalom course. The club would also be responsible for the creation of a dock or similar structure to get skiers to the water. Once the site was up and running, the club would be responsible for organizing and running the ability water ski training series. In return, the organization would be granted rights to ski on the site for the ski season.

John recruited several brave souls and the small group raised enough money to purchase a cable river slalom course. After much technical debate, and some luck, the inaugural installation of the course was complete in June of 2007. One last missing piece to the puzzle was a ski boat for the weekly event. MD Boats agreed to be the Indy Skiers title sponsor by providing a Ski Nautique to ski behind each week. By July of 2007 the training series was up and running. The first season was a huge success with over a dozen weekly events and many, many ski sets pulled. Since then, the club has had many successful seasons of skiing on Lake Indy and is looking forward to many more.


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