Club Updates!!! Please read!!

The day has finally arrived!! River conditions are favorable and we're skiing! 

We need a little flexibility in today's schedule but we WILL be skiing on the river. We hope you'll come out and join the celebration in finally getting to ski. The buoy we had marking the north anchor for the ski course disappeared in all the flooding. We need that anchor to well, anchor the course. If we can locate or replace the anchor today, this afternoon we'll be installing the ski course. The boat will be on the water and work will start by 3p. Anchor or no anchor, we're skiing. Come out to Municipal Gardens (1831 Lafayette Rd) whenever your schedule allows. We'll be happy to see you!

Tuesday we're also planning to ski; gotta make up for lost time! Boat will be in the water and ready at 4:30p. Right now there is a small chance of rain. If water conditions keep us off the river, we're relocating to Ralston's DraftHouse at 635 Massachusetts Ave for socializing, food & drinks, darts or shuffleboard. We'd prefer to ski but hope you'll join us at Ralston's if skiing gets cancelled. 

Next Thursday we'll kick off the regular Thursday Night Ability Series.